Gabriella Farm

Gabriella Farm
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Choosing the right venue for your wedding is an important decision - one that you'll hopefully only make once.

Gabriella Farm provides a serene and historic farm venue, perfectly suited for your every need. We offer a variety of packages including rehearsal dinners, engagement photos, wedding ceremonies, receptions and more. 

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 Brides Beware !!, 03-28-2018 11:27AM

By: Emily

Looks can be deceiving and so can she! We are preparing to proceed with legal action after our wedding with her in November! One word.. disaster! Take my advice and go some where else with one of your most important days of you life.. if you come there, she will absolutely ruin it. Everything that could have went wrong did! Photographer was late, cake was wrong, wedding started late, drinks were wrong, the DJ didn't know any of my music, food was great but not what we had talked about. A little secret .. not a napkin In the place... someone went to the local Dollar general for some. We cut our cake with a knife from her own personal kitchen because the cake cutting set she was suppose to provide was no where to be found ... just like her when our wedding started to tumble like dominos. The flowers were wrong, falling apart and we literally had to wring the water from them before being able to pin them on. I could go on for days with what went wrong, I have 8 pages typed stating everything. Just save yourself the heartache and cash. Do not put yourself where my husband and I are at now with her. She is a scammer no doubt. I have a written agreement stating she would reimburse 75% of our money and still nothing from her. So if you have your hands already dabbled with her I would suggest you get out now. She is a lier and scam artist! Brides Beware!

 NO NO NO!, 03-27-2018 04:15AM

By: Amy

This was the worst experience I've ever had. She is so deceiving. She makes it seem like she is so professional and that things will be perfect. My husband and I got married there March of last year. It was a complete DISASTER. We were told there would be a bathroom in the barn before our wedding came along. Instead, We got a porter potty. There was no direction. We didn't see Nichole till the end. It was freezing and she offered to bring heater out after everyone had left. We were told our food would be catered. It wasn't. The colors and flowers were all wrong. They were suppose to be real flowers but ended up being fake. They smelled and looked as if someone had them in their attick for years. The DJ was TERRIBLE! nothing was played on time. They lost our rings so I was 20 minutes late walking down the aisle. My family was disgusted and claimed that they could have planned a better wedding with 500$. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE! It is a complete scam. And the lady who runs it is a snake. My husband was looking for her while our guests were pouring out and he found her on her couch drinking wine while our wedding went down hill. She is not a wedding planner. She knew our wedding was a disaster and asked our friends who got married there 2 months later if we were jealous of their wedding. NOPE! Because theirs was a disaster too and they want to take them to court and sue. Left a review on the Facebook page but it got deleted. She ended up deleting the whole page and making a new one. What a joke.

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