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 Horrible Customer Service, 09-18-2018 08:25AM

By: Pat

Horrible customer service. I didn't receive my paper on Sunday and called. Of course, no delivery. I went on-line on my phone to use their chat function. I was told I would receive .69 for my missed paper. That is not the cost of buying a replacement paper! I was told to access the paper online and that I could find my coupons and ads at all these difference websites. I thought I had a subscription for an actual, physical product that would be delivered to my house on Sundays. Apparently not.

I tried the online HTML and it was basically unreadable on my phone. If I wanted on online paper I would pay $5 a month, but I want a physical paper!

The last customer service person, Angelica, basically said she couldn't help me and to call their customer service phone number and "her assistant would help me." Well, I called and was told I would receive a call back with in 47 minutes to 1 hour and 11 minutes later. HAHAHAHA That didn't happen.

After 40 plus years of subscribing, I'm cancelling. What's the point of paying for something if I can find it all on-line (their customer service person's words).

But I will say this, my delivery person, when they got papers deliver, did put them on the porch and not out in the driveway or in a puddle.

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