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 Emergency care, 01-02-2021 04:29AM

By: Mary sherrill

I went there November 23 really sick and dr said no need to check for Corvid 19 but later I got check and that was what was wrong with me he should have done a covid test I was really sick and worried! Love the hospital but not the dr I had! Nurses were great

 Do not even consider this place for ER care, 10-13-2020 01:44AM

By: Randy Hudson

On 10/9/202 my son went to this ER with ANOTHER kidney stone. He has a well documented history of this issue. From his own words, this was the worst one he has experienced from a pain perspective. These non caring idiots made him sit in the waiting area for 3 hours with no pain meds, nothing. No one checked on him, no one cared. There was another in the waiting room who looked to be involved in a motorcycle accident, in tears, sitting there waiting for these indifferent employees to do something. After 3 hours my wife had to threaten to call an ambulance to Suburban ER, and take my son somewhere where he could be seen. One of the women working at the desk called my wife a "Karen". Unbelievable. I normally get good care from Norton facilities, this one is pathetic. Kudos however to his nurse, as once my Son did receive care the nurse was fantastic.

 patient, 08-29-2019 08:50AM

By: lisa shish

Don't go to Norton Suburban Emergency room for the sole reason that although they are in network for United Healthcare, their doctors are NOT. So, for the tests and emergency room services a patient is entitled to the United Healthcare discount which makes the cost not outrageous. However, the doctors are out of network and no discount or insurance payment is applied which means paying retail regardless of having insurance and using an in network facility. Will never make this mistake again.

 Angry Mother!!!!!!, 01-25-2018 07:54AM

By: Debora Combs

My daughter has been to this ER 2 days this week and both times she has sat in the waiting room for hours without being seen. The 1st time we left without seeing a dr because the wait time was over 7 hours!
Her surgeon says she needs hernia surgery and to go to the ER if the pain got too bad before the surgery, but all the clerical staff does is sit around and talk about their personal problems in front of the patients. They obviously need more work to do!!
But even after being brought over by imaging and were told that her condition was “STAT”, the ER staff told her to wait in the waiting room even though she is in terrible pain.
I have NEVER seen a more uncaring and unprofessional group of people in my life! The only reason we had to come to this hospital is because it’s the only God forsaken hospital her surgeon works at!
Lord I pray my daughter will survive surgery because if the surgical staff is as bad as the ER staff, she won’t make it!

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